Since the dawn of time, men have been customizing their toys. When Grok finally began making spears for his fellow cave people, I guarantee it only too Og a week before he tied a big feather to his and added on an aftermarket shaft. After all, if everybody was throwing the same spear, how were […]

Friday Funnies


  A biker is riding along a country lane, when a sparrow flies up in front of him. The biker can’t do anything and hits the sparrow. As he looks in his rear view mirror, he sees the sparrow lying in the road. Being the kind of guy he is, he stops, picks up the […]

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From “Denver” Dan and the boys at The Speed Merchant comes this tricked out Sportster called “The Exponent” The list of parts and pieces is extensive and impressive. 1998 THE EXPONENT 1200cc Branch-O’keefe heads, J&E Pistons (10.5/1 compression) Andrews N-4 cams Mikuni 42mm carb Nology plug wires 39mm front-end w/ SM fork adjusters SM Triple […]