When looking at photographs of old Harley-Davidson motorcycles (I’m talking the teens or older), you’ve probably noticed that a lot of them have a cylinder mounted to the frame or handlebars, about the size of a kitchen fire extinguisher.  You may have even thought that this was a fire extinguisher, but it is actually just […]


  If you look back to the beginning of Elvis’ career, you can follow his rise to stardom through the motorcycle he was riding at the time. At 20 years old, Elvis signed his first recording contract with Sun Records.  Although he wasn’t given much of an advance, he made enough money to purchase a […]


When the Batman TV series premiered in 1966, Batman and Robin were fighting crime from a 1965 Electra-Glide with attached sidecar.  It was basically a stock machine with customized windscreens added to give it the “right look”.  1965 was the last year of the Panhead engine and the first year that electric starters came stock […]